Gresset, Nicolas (2004) New space-time coding techniques with bit-interleaved coded modulations Thesis, ?? institution/enst ??.

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This thesis report describes new designs for transmitters and receivers of bit-interleaved coded modulations over multiple antenna channels. The objective is to achieve near Shannon capacity performance over ergodic channels and near outage probability performance over block fading channels. Iterative joint detection and decoding are applied in the aim of achieving near maximum likelihood performance. Design criteria are derived for each block optimization from the error performance expressions under the ideal interleaving assumption. First, we describe the binary mapping optimization for ergodic channels by introducing the new concept of multidimensional mapping that provides large amount of coding gain. We achieve near capacity performance either with turbo-codes or with multi-dimensional mappings associated with a simple code. Then, we present the bit-interleaved coded modulation with linear precoding as a Space-Time code for multiple antenna block fading channels. We show that the channel interleaver is the fundamental part of the bit-interleaved coded modulation calling the shots about the achieved diversity. We describe the linear precoding optimality condition and a class of quasi-optimal linear precoders. The minimal linear precoder size providing full diversity is deduced from a modified Singleton bound applied to the global Euclidean code. We show that full diversity and quasi-optimal coding gains are observed for a given error correcting code. Finally, we achieve near outage capacity performance thanks to turbo-codes. Next, iterative joint detection and decoding techniques are considered, we describe a near optimum soft-input soft-output list sphere decoder which allows the computation of a posteriori probabilities for very high spectral efficiency transmitter schemes with reduced complexity.

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