Duclairoir, Eve-Marie (2007) Numerical simulation of acoustic propagation in a moving meduim. Thesis, ?? institution/ep ??.

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In this work, the time-harmonic acoustic radiation of a source in an infinite duct, filled with a parallel shear flow, is considered. The phenomenon is modelled by the Galbrun equation whose unknown is the displacement pertur! bation u. The aim of this study is to compute a finite element method which could be extended to more complex geometries and flows. A previous PhD work achieved by Guillaume Legendre dealt with this problem in the case of a uniform flow, by writing a "regularized" formulation of the Galbrun equation in order to overcome a lack of ellipticity. This work aims to extend this method to non uniform flows. The additional difficulty comes from the fact that the vorticity ψ=rot u (which is involved in regularization) can not be calculated a priori anymore because the shear effect produces an interaction between acoustics and hydrodynamics. In a dissipative regime, we get the relation between ψ and u thanks to a convolution (along the streamlines). For the slow flows, this relation (which corresponds to a very oscillating integral) is approximated by a simpler differential term. The use of the approximation leads to a new model called "low Mach". A similar approach is applied in order to solve the non dissipative problem by the means of PML (Perfectly Matched Layers). The two approaches (exact and "low Mach") have been validated by 2D and 3D simulations.

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