Bories, Serge (2006) Conception et analyse des performances d'antennes pour les communications ultra large bande Thesis, ENSTA.

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Driven by consumer demand for high-speed or very low power applications, the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology is a major solution for the Short-Range wireless market. Due to the wide frequency range on which UWB operates, the UWB antenna design is a real challenge which first of all has to meet the low cost and low profile OEM specifications. The aim of the present work is to improve the understanding and thus the performances of the UWB antenna in the context of an indoor high-speed multimedia transmission. In a first part, size reduction and low complexity antenna structure have been the target of the designing work. However these points imply a performance degradation which has to be measured. Usual frequency domain criteria (gain and phase) are no more so relevant. Thus time domain tools have been developed to measure waveform distortion. This allows to quantify the influence of a frequency-dependent antenna on the link quality in impulse UWB mode. The antenna designer can't ignore the waveform distortion introduced by the other elements of the wireless link. In the second part, two measurements campaigns allow to analyze the impact on the impulse waveform of the UWB channel and the antenna integration in a multimedia terminal.

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