Ancelin, Vincent (2007) Mise en place d’un outil de caractérisation des aspects et des impacts environnementaux de la Lyonnaise des eaux PPL - Personal Project in Laboratory, ENSTA.

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Societies have had to incorporate the environmental issue in their development. That’s why La Lyonnaise des Eaux elaborated a sustainable development program. One of the targets of this program is to certify, ISO 14001, 100 contracts made between the society and the communities. To reach that goal, the manager of the environment, Mr. Etienne CUNGE hired me in order to save time during the environmental impacts study, which is required by the norm ISO 14001. As studies which had already been done were very similar, he asked me to list all the aspects and the impacts of the activities of the society in a computer tool. It should allow the selection and the classification of the impacts. To make this tool, I first listed all the types of installation which are owned by La Lyonnaise des Eaux to allow the tool’s user to select only the impacts which are present on his area. Then I collected all the impacts studies and at each installation I associated its impacts. At the end of this work some of them did not have any studies. Therefore I had to make them. I also had to create an Excel file to automate the selection and the classification of the environmental impacts. Once a first version of the tool had been done, I could begin the diffusion. I ran some tests and I gave it to some people who tried it. I showed him during a national presentation of my manager. I created a user guide to explain how the Excel file works. The tool received a warm welcome. It seems to be exhaustive. The first certifications (end of 2007, beginning of 2008) will give us an estimation of time saved. This internship let me know better about the company and the water treatment. I wanted to remain in the company so I accepted the job they offer me at the end.

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