Mora Villamizar, Gustavo Adolfo (2007) Méthodes & techniques d’audit PFE - Project Graduation, ENSTA.

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First of all, this report will show that auditing isn’t just creating and reading financial statements but also analyse them and organize the information to make it reachable for every single party involved. Secondly, we used to think that one needed a financial background or a commercial degree to be eligible for this kind of job but nowadays engineers are the most precious assets of the company because of their adaptability and their learning methods. We could prove this just looking the huge quantity of engineers beginning in the business every year and also the important differences in salaries. In the next pages, we are going to detail the context of the audit business in France as in the European Union and also the position of the company against the American competitors. Also, we are going to explain the development of an audit mission and its components and finally we are going to describe the different works of an intern and the main features of an audit mission.

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