Drillaud, John (2008) Definition of performance department’s keyprocesses in gravelines nuclear power plant PFE - Project Graduation, ENSTA.

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In order to improve its performances, the Performance Department in Gravelines nuclear power plant has carried out a map of all its processes to focus on its customers’ expectations. The first aim of my training was to study the operational processes of this department, that’s to say the producing processes, so as to define them, describe them, study them from a quality point of view, and in a second time propose, if necessary, some suggestions of improvement to the observed bad practices. Those suggestions must be simple and easy to put into effect. In order to fit these two criteria, they will preferably consider the department’s organization and management. My mission consisted in a total immersion within the Performance Department. I followed the agent’s activities, from the files and personnel management to activities everywhere in the nuclear power plant. The processes of preparation and analysis of the files, and those of realization of the tests and instrumentations on working and stopped nuclear reactors are at the present time totally described and studied. Moreover, lots of data have been collected concerning some cross processes, like the personnel management or the supervision of the activities. Before the end of my training I will study the processes concerning the statistics, the diagnosis of the power plant’s behaviour and the organization of the return experience. My quality study based itself on the customers’ satisfaction and the agents’ feelings. It appeared that some good practices should be maintained, like the absence of delays and lapses in safety, and the quality of the results. Nevertheless, I observed that some others practices lacked rigour and serious, which required some measures to improve their performances. Some efforts should be made to improve the management of the files, the organization of the return experience and the supervision of the activities. A particular attention should be also paid to the management of the competences and the improvements in behaviours.

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