Wang UEI , Dr. Zhoukun (2009) Design and Multi-Technology Multi-objective Comparative Analysis of Families of MPSOC Thesis, ENSTA.

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Multiprocessor system on chip (MPSOC) have strongly emerged in the past decade in communication, multimedia, networking and other embedded domains. MPSOC became a new paradigm of high performance embedded application design. This thesis addresses the design and the physical implementation of a Network on Chip (NoC) based Multiprocessor System on Chip. We studied several aspects at different design stages: high level synthesis, architecture design, FPGA implementation, application evaluation and ASIC physical implementation. We try to analysis and find the impacts of these aspects for the MPSOC’s final performance, power consumption and area cost. We implemented a NoC based 16 processors embedded system on FPGA prototyping. Three NoCs provide different functionalities for sixteen PE tiles. We also demonstrated the use of our performance monitoring system for software debugging and tuning. With the bi-synchronous FIFO method, our GALS architecture successfully solves the long clock signal distribution problem and allows that each clock domain can run at its own clock frequency. On the other hand we successfully implemented AES and TDES block cipher cryptographic algorithms on this platform and results show linear speedup in computation time. The network part of our architecture has been implemented on ASIC technology and has been explored with different timing constraints and different library categories of STmicroelectronics’ 65nm/45nm technologies. The experimental results of ASIC and FPGA are compared, and we inducted the discussion of technology change impact on parallel programming.

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