Masquelier, Cyril (2015) Joint Optimization Production - Demand and centralized / decentralized management PFE - Project Graduation, ENSTA.

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The traditional (centralized) management of power system is based on the optimization of the global production cost while satisfying the supply-demand balance and respecting all the technical constraints of production units on a global scale and network balance management. The recent emergence of smart grids and regulatory developments will deeply impact the traditional centralized optimization on global electricity markets. In particular, smart meters will make possible to control a part of the demand (which was before considered as non flexible). In this context, we report two early experiments. The first one consists in developing a joint optimization on production and demand in view to evaluate the effect of managing a set of production units (nuclear, coal, fuel, gas, hydro, wind and photovoltaic) together with some flexibilities on the demand such as controls on the hot water heating systems, charge of electrical vehicles and load shedding. The second one deals with the interaction between a big producer of electricity and a Local Actor, who is both consumer and producer. His production consists of photovoltaic panels, and wind turbines associated to a battery, in order to store energy and use it efficiently. Local actor interacts with the global actor by buying energy or by selling his production. We propose a bi-level optimization problem for dealing with this issue.

Item Type:Thesis (PFE - Project Graduation)
Uncontrolled Keywords:optimization, energy management, smart grids, bi-level programming
Subjects:Mathematics and Applications
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