de Gouvello, Mlle Alix (2017) Characterization of cluster algorithms for investigating protein organization on membranes using super-resolution single molecule microscopy data PRE - Research Project, ENSTA.

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The membrane organization of proteins is a topic worth tudying since it regulates cellular mechanisms such as cell death or division. That is why, in the case of cancer cells, understanding such mechanisms is a major research topic. The aim of our program is to determine, given clathrine coated pits data (cancer cells are the motivation for the future), whether the proteins are randomly distributed or clustered on the membrane. We used two papers and the programs they provided : one density based and the other a Bayesian method to determine the best parameters to use for a given clustering method, adapted them to our topic and combined them into a single user interface. We began with simulated data and then applied the methods to experimental data, looking to improve our results and seeing if we could use other clustering analysis methods as well.

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