Aubigny, Monsieur Aymeric (2020) Modèle réduit de l'instabilité de Bénard-Von Karman dans le "fluidic pinball" PRE - Research Project, ENSTA.



Physical phenomena related to fluid mechanics remain difficult to model today, such as the appearance of vortices in a flow and the description of this vortex release. With this in mind, the aim of this course is to develop a reduced model based on a type of instability: here a Hopf bifurcation. This internship focused on the development of this model for fluidic pinball, based on Fortran simulations at a precise Reynolds number. To do this, we perform a POD (Proper orthogonal decomposition) of the flow, which we then keep only the first three modes, by approximation. The temporal coefficients of this decomposition are linked together by differential equations that we will try to establish. A comparison with the initial simulation will make it possible to evaluate the relevance and performance of the reduced model.

Item Type:Thesis (PRE - Research Project)
Subjects:Mathematics and Applications
Fluid Mechanics and Energy
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Deposited By:Aymeric AUBIGNY
Deposited On:31 mai 2021 09:38
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