Silvente, M Redouane (2020) Studying the impact on bacterial dynamics of introducing variations in the immune system among individuals PRE - Research Project, ENSTA.



Bacterial dynamics represents a major interest in modern medicine with its capacity to study the behaviour of bacteria inside a body. Modelling the inoculation of Salmonella Enterica and how it spreads through the organism is a key point of the subject area. The birth-death model with two organs (liver, spleen and the blood which receives the inoculate) describes the replication, migration and death of bacteria through rates. Introducing variations between mice through a Normal or a Gamma distribution leads to a more realistic model. Through a bootstrap process to simulate experiments with different mice, it leads to an overestimation of some parameters and to a strong correlation between some of them. A further work is to do in-depth research in hierarchical models to reduce the bias between parameters.

Item Type:Thesis (PRE - Research Project)
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Life Sciences and Engineering
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