Goepfert, Mr Quentin (2020) Different Temporal Schemes for a Monolithic Fluid-Structure Interaction Solver PRE - Research Project, ENSTA.

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Fluid-Structure interaction problems are hard problems, that become even harder when the fluid and solid have similar densities. Though, this is the case in several bio-mechanical problems (blood flow for example). Therefore, a monolithic solver, turtleFSI, has been developed. In this paper, the time discretization of the equations for such problems has been investigated. Four scheme families were tested – Backward differentiation formula (BDF), Adam-Moulton (AM), Adam-Bashforth (AB) and the theta-scheme. These were tested on the Turek-Hron benchmark problems (flow around a cylinder), CSM3 (solid only), CDF3 (fluid only) and FSI3 (fluid-structure interaction). It is suggested that second order accuracy method works the best for the solver. The third order and higher methods tested did not work at all. Among the second order schemes, it is known that Crank-Nicholson (theta-scheme with theta = 0.5) is the most accurate scheme. It should be used as default in turtleFSI. A few options were added to turtleFSI, so that other temporal schemes could be experimented easily in the future.

Item Type:Thesis (PRE - Research Project)
Subjects:Mathematics and Applications
Fluid Mechanics and Energy
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