Salhi, Mme. Salma (2020) Extracting events from texts using neural models with attention mechanism PFE - Project Graduation, ENSTA.



Within the context of Event Extraction, this research work addresses the trigger detec-tion task as a sequence labeling problem. We develop several approaches based on thepretrained BERT model. We start by a classical fine-tuning approach. Then, we exploremore advanced fine-tuning methods that highlight some important characteristics of thismodel. Furthermore, we investigate the impact of having different training and evaluationdata in terms of event types distribution and linguistic forms.

Item Type:Thesis (PFE - Project Graduation)
Subjects:Mathematics and Applications
ID Code:8326
Deposited By:Salma SALHI
Deposited On:23 nov. 2020 14:47
Dernière modification:23 nov. 2020 14:47

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