JOLY, M Mathias (2021) Improving a Sbox reverse-engineering library PRE - Research Project, ENSTA.



For three months I was a part of the Cosmiq team of INRIA, in order to work on symmetric cryptography. In 2019 Léo Perrin created a library, named sboxU, in order to use reverse engineering on non linear functions used for encryption : Sboxes. Now that other people want to use this library, Léo Perrin asked me to improve four aspects of the library: the efficiency, the portability and the range. sboxU is coded in Python for the most part, but it also calls C++ functions for long computations. The potential gain in efficiency and portability concerns the interface used to communicate between these programming languages. What is the best interface? This interface needs to be the fastest on Linux (efficiency) and must work on Windows and MacOS (portability). At the moment sboxU studies only binary sboxes, so it operates on finite fields with p=2 as a characteristic. Increasing the range means expanding the library to finite fields with p>2 as characteristics. How to represent elements of these fields? They must be easy to initialize, store, iterate and operate on.

Item Type:Thesis (PRE - Research Project)
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