SAHTOUT, Durra (2021) Consultant Junior: Analyse, audit, stratégie et opérations PFE - Project Graduation, ENSTA.



I did my M2 COSI internship within the Nocode company. It is a start-up that aims to democratize software development and make it accessible to anyone with the Generium code-free development platform. Thanks to the opportunity to spend a year working at the Nocode company, I was able to experience the consultant's development path. With my dual technical and commercial skills, I have carried out several multidisciplinary missions. Initially, my job consisted of auditing the IT system and quality control. Subsequently, I joined the professional training team. Then I carried out a market analysis on two axes: competition analysis and target analysis. Thanks to the good knowledge of our offers and our market, I participated with the technical director and the CEO in strategic planning missions: innovation strategy, operational strategy and brand strategy. At the same time, I participated in technical development to strengthen my technical skills and improve my thinking on digital strategy. Indeed, this experience brought me a great evolution throughout my career,I had the autonomy to be able to be creative and bring value to the company with a good supervision to ensure the evolution of soft and hard skills in a professional environment. This experience, within an innovative startup allowed me to have a dynamic state of mind, leadership and taking initiative qualities, to develop my interpersonal skills and my interdisciplinary communication skills and above all to develop a digital strategy consultant character.

Item Type:Thesis (PFE - Project Graduation)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Nocode. Startup. Innovation. Audit de SI, Contrôle qualité. Analyse du marché. Stratégie numérique. Stratégie de l’innovation. L'innovation continue. Stratégie opérationnelle. Stratégie de la marque. Développement informatique. Conseil en expl
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