Ramirez, Juan Diego (2023) Replanification de trajectoire par programmation quadratique PRE - Research Project, ENSTA.



During the landing phase of the flight of reusable rockets, there can be significant differences between the real position and the expected position of the rocket due to the accumulation of tracking errors. This requires strategies to re-plan the trajectory during flight to avoid landing failures. This project describes the specification and implementation of a trajectory replanning algorithm proposed by Hubert Ménou in "Nominal and Emergency Rocket Landing Guidance using Quadratic Programming". First, the dynamic model of the rocket to be used is described, then a fuel quasi-optimal trajectory is generated as a reference trajectory. From this nominal trajectory, a quadratic programming algorithm for trajectory replanning based on the work of Ménou is implemented and the simulations and results obtained are shown. Finally, a trajectory tracking controller is proposed to control the nonlinear dynamics of the system.

Item Type:Thesis (PRE - Research Project)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Optimal Control, Quadratic Programming, Sensitivity Analysis, Trajectory Optimization
Subjects:Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies
Mathematics and Applications
ID Code:9463
Deposited By:Juan RAMIREZ
Deposited On:24 août 2023 16:46
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